New album The Return by Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men is out now.

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New album The Return by Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men out on 27 august ’21 !

New album Here They Come by Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men is released – 11 jan’19  BUY NOW CD – 12 EUR, shipping included, EU only
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New album Pendulum by Bram Weijters – Chad McCullough is released – 2 nov’18

The new album by Bram Weijters and Chad McCullough, Pendulum is a 25-movement suite.  Inspired by the musical genius of Bach and his ordering of musical works like the Well Tempered Klavier and the Goldberg Variations, Pendulum is a search to organize the musical moods and atmospheres Bram and Chad hadve developed over time into one overarching form, in a combination of composition and their own musical voices as improvisers.

The music based on a common musical cell that evolves through 24 pieces, progressing with a structured order through all twelve key-centers twice, with a final reprise at the end, just as a clock circles twice a day through tweve hours, before the next day.

The album is co-released in the USA by Shifting Paradigm Records.

New album Genetic Modified Art by MAZZLE out now! – sept’17

We’re very happy and proud to release this beautiful new album. It is the result of the collaboration of tenor saxophonist Koen Nys with pianist Bram Weijters and drummer Lionel Beuvens. Over the years, Koen, Bram and Lionel kept on playing together in different groups. This experience has crystallised in an interaction between these musicians which is both vibrant and synergistic.  The name of the band is associated with luck, playfulness and positivity and with the onomatopoeia razzle, dazzle, mazzle, whilst the ‘zz’ in the name reiterates jazz itself. Mazzle is inspired by “The Elastic Band” of Joshua Redman. They bring original compositions and some jazz standards.

First release of our newborn label – march’17

Hi, we’re really proud with our first release:
Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough – Feather.

It’s an american-belgian co-release together with ears & eyes records. They will take care of everything in the USA, while Monks and Thieves will be presenting the record in Belgium.